Explorers Workshop

Workshop #3 — EXPLORERS
Feeling Stale? Need to Refresh? Reset Your Writing Compass

[Explorers — meet Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake. And more]

Sir Francis Drake for adventurer workshops


You’re an experienced writer. You know yourself very well. But writing is getting harder and harder.
Or you’re not enjoying it much.
Or you can’t concentrate.
Or you can’t work out what to do next.

Isabella Bird


Remember writing your first book?

You were like an explorer, full of fiery enthusiasm.

You couldn’t keep away from it.


What does the Explorers Workshop offer?

— Workshop starts with quiz: Which Adventurer are You?
— Exercises designed to uncover the writing journey you really want to take now
— And how to manage it without frightening the horses

Next Date(s) for Explorers

2018 date to be announced. Venue: London.
If you’d like us to let you know the date as soon as it’s available, contact us or sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be among the first to hear

What previous participants said about the Explorers Workshop

  • “More confidence in letting go and allowing my creative self to show her head.”
  • “Surprised me a lot!”
  • “Just what I needed at this time. Supportive atmosphere was a great help. The approach — minimally writing-based — was liberating.”
  • “Hope, reassurance, some tools to try. Some fun!”
  • “Very friendly atmosphere.”
  • “Some great ideas to try. I feel reinvigorated.”

[All participants quoted are multi-published authors. Many are award winners, too. We promise participants at the Explorers workshop that their names will never be disclosed.]

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