Sparkle Editing Workshops for Published and Unpublished Writers

Workshops #1 & #2 — Add SPARKLE to Your MS


You’ve read the books, you’ve taken the courses, you’ve edited the 1st three chapters or more.
People read your story. They’re kind. But you know from their reaction that it’s a bit bleurgh.
Or you send it to agents and they’re mildly complimentary but keep passing.
Or you have to drag yourself to the desk even to open the file again.


It needs more oomph. Very difficult to do alone.
You need people to spark off. We find other writers ideal.


Sparkle Workshops offer you:

— tricks and tips that have put the pep back into our writing

— exercises to add impact to your writing, where it matters

— lots of discussion 

— and fun!


Sparkle workshops are not about the initial creation of your MS. They are workshops to help writers to edit their drafts in order to engage with their readers. (It would be helpful, but is not essential, to have done the Sparkle #1 workshop before attending Sparkle #2.)


Sparkle Editing Workshop #1 — HOOK & HOLD

HOOK & HOLD concentrates on the vital first 10% of your story, the section that potential readers can download as an ebook sample (though it works for print, too).
You want your book to:

  • hook your reader from the outset
  • beckon the reader into your world
  • create compelling mental pictures
  • keep your reader turning the pages

Add Sparkle to HOOK your reader from the start and to HOLD her — up to and beyond the end of the sample — so that she feels compelled to buy your book.

Next LONDON Date for Sparkle #1:  Hook & Hold
Saturday, next date available soon. Venue: RAF Club, 128 Piccadilly, London 


publish for impact blurbSparkle Editing Workshop #2 — BLING IT UP

BLING IT UP! looks at adding Sparkle to your book as a whole so that your reader is deeply engaged, and so delighted with your story that you go on her autobuy list for your next book.

Learn about:

  • blinging up your action writing, your dialogue, your world-building, your characters
  • choosing the right words for maximum impact
  • exploiting the space between words
  • shaping scenes internally
  • contrasting scenes with one another

(It’s not essential to have done Sparkle #1 in order to benefit from Sparkle #2.
The workshops stand alone.)

Next LONDON Date for Sparkle #2:  Bling It Up!
Saturday, 21st October 2017. Venue: RAF Club, 128 Piccadilly, London
For more information and how to book, see the London Flyer here


exclamation mark in fireWhat previous participants said about the HOOK & HOLD workshop

  • I expected tools to take home so I could go back and apply to my writing. But we got more than just “tools”. The industry knowledge and experience came through in the workshop. The passion both teachers provided in trying to help us get readers to buy our work was evident. Thank you!
  • A storming exercise – incredibly useful.
  • Great to do a physical exercise instead of talking. I appreciate people may be shy about reading out their work – but it is so helpful to see other people’s approaches
  • Being able to write a piece then have feedback was invaluable
  • Using the examples made me think about what I do wrong, and seeing the edited piece afterwards cemented those thoughts for me. Easy to criticise, difficult to do
  • We did homework before the session which indeed set up what the workshop was going to cover and started the brain going
  • Wasn’t sure what to expect, but loved it. Really enjoyed writing on the spot and getting instant feedback. Very useful. Also thought you were both wonderfully inclusive and made sure everyone got a chance to comment.
  • I left feeling I would be able to look at my wip with a fresh eye
  • I expected the combined wisdom of two romance writing experts, who have unrivalled experience in the business…and that’s what I got in spades!



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