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Welcome to the Joanna Maitland page. I have beenJoanna Maitland reading — and writing! — stories for as long as I can remember and I love to share favourite books. I may write (mostly) romantic novels, but I read all sorts of fiction besides romance — lots of crime, thrillers, science fiction, time-slip, historicals. I’m hoping that readers at Libertà will point me to new genres and authors I’ve been missing.

Joanna’s Editing Services

“The editor is the author’s first — best — reader.” So says my Libertà partner, Sophie Weston, and I’m sure she is right. I’m a self-published author now, with more than a dozen commercially published books on my backlist and well over a million copies sold, but I still pay a trusted freelance editor as my first and best reader.
Because — like most writers — I can’t be objective enough to edit my own MS.

I Want More Concept

But I can be objective enough to advise you on your MS! I have more than 15 years of publishing experience and was a reader for the RNA’s New Writers’ Scheme for many of them. I’m delighted to say that some of my NWS “students” have gone on to great commercial success.

One of my current clients, the award-winning alternate history/thriller author, Alison Morton, describes my editing service like this:

No writer should be without an editor and I’ve had the privilege of working with one of the best, Joanna Maitland. Her incisive vision and attention to detail have been crucial to the development of my ROMA NOVA thriller series. She takes no prisoners, but the guidance and support she provides is unrivalled.

My background is in historical romance and thrillers, but I’m happy to edit romance of all periods, plus time-slip, thrillers, crime, sf&f, and other commercial fiction. To find out more about my approach to editing, read my guest blog, here.

Services I currently offer are: —

  • Developmental edit (= the big picture) — I’ll report on the shape and structure of your story, characters and motivation, impact, pace, style, with suggestions for revisions
  • Proofreading — your (professionally edited) MS corrected for grammar, punctuation, factual continuity, consistency and more


I base my fees on an hourly rate — for a previously published author, my charges tend to come in at around £300-£350 for a developmental edit of a MS of up to 90,000 words. Longer manuscripts cost more. I will be happy to quote for your MS if you send me details of its length and genre, plus background about your writing experience. For a quote, please email me via the contact page where you’ll find a link on the drop-down menu.

Joanna’s Independent Self-Publishing

My latest venture into self-publishing is another out-of-print Regency novella — Star Crossed at Twilight — originally published under the title Delight and Desire back in 2010. It’s set in my native Scotland, but this is a Romeo and Juliet story. That’s why I always wanted to have star crossed” in the title. So, now that I can choose my own titles, I’ve opted for STAR CROSSED AT TWILIGHT and a new cover (shown below) featuring the tower of the real ruined Scottish castle that plays such a big part in the lovers’ encounters. It is available now for download for only 99p/99¢.


A Fairytale Castle? With a REAL Fairy?

Major Robert Anstruther is bored. His wounds are healing at last, so he rides out to a favourite retreat, the ruins of Caerlaverock Castle. He loves its fairytale atmosphere, especially in the twilight, though he’s never seen any fairies there.

Until now.

A revised version of the ebook novella originally published in 2010
by Harlequin Mills & Boon Ltd under the title
Delight and Desire


My very first self-published story was a much revised and expanded edition of an out-of-print novella – His Silken Seduction. It is available for download for only £1.99/$2.99.

His Silken Seduction Cover MEDIUM WEB

Wounded. Abandoned. In the enemy’s bed.

He’s Wellington’s spy, trying to survive in war-torn France.
He has a choice – duty, or desire.

She’s his beautiful silk weaver. Day after day, her hands caress his battered flesh. Her touch is driving him wild.

But she’s the enemy. She must not discover who he is.
Surely she will betray him?

Will he dare to trust her
with his life, his mission, and his heart?

A revised and much expanded edition of the ebook novella
originally published by Harlequin S.A. in 2009

Joanna’s Free Short Story!

To celebrate Burns Night 2016 — I am a Scot, after all — I posted a tongue-in-cheek take-off of Tam O’Shanter with my blog. The story is still available here on the website, as a free read. You can even print it, if you like!

Tam O'Shanter by Robert Burns

Meg about to lose her tail to save Tam O’Shanter

Biography of Joanna Maitland, Author

Joanna Maitland has published 13 Regency historicals with Harlequin Mills & Boon since 2000 (full list here) and has sold well over a million copies around the world, with readers in countries as diverse as Japan and Brazil. She is now an independently published author who is continuing to write Regencies, but also hopping over the hedge into lush new pastures, like medieval and time-slip.

If there’s history involved, Joanna is up for it!

Read more about Joanna on her Amazon author page.

Joanna’s old website is no longer updated, but readers are very welcome to visit. It contains information about her older books, book extracts, and a longer biography. That is also where you can read about odd aspects of history that Joanna chanced upon while doing the research for her older books.

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