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Readers often ask for lists of Joanna Maitland books, so here they are. Readers also ask, particularly, to be told which books feature continuing characters or linked stories. Quite a few of my books do feature continuing characters – once I’ve fallen in love with a hero, I admit that I find it hard to let him go. Besides, readers tell me they like to see the happy couple from an earlier book and judge how they’re getting on in their life together. I do, too. Sometimes, even I am surprised at what they’re getting up to.

Some of the linked books described below are not marketed as series, even though they really are. But, armed with this list, you will know more than the publishers do.

I’ve added a brief outline of what each series is, plus the full names of hero and heroine, in case that helps readers to remember whether they’ve read the book or not.

Regency Historical Novels and Novellas Published by Harlequin Mills & Boon

Series 1

Unsuitable Matches

A cross-dressing runaway, a disfigured veteran, and an out-and-out rake. None of them would be first choice for your average match-making mama. Yet even unsuitable matches have their good points. It’s just a question of digging. Very deep.
Book 1 A Penniless Prospect Jessamyne (Jamie) Hazelwood Richard, Earl Hardinge
Book 2 Marrying the Major Emma Fitzwilliam Major Hugo Stratton
Book 3 Rake’s Reward Marina Beaumont Christopher (Kit) Stratton
Series 2

Star Crossed Lovers

Feuds within families, feuds between families, and love across the divide. We all know that Romeo and Juliet didn’t end well and here, too, the odds look to be stacked against the lovers. Will the power of the feuding families triumph?
Book 1 My Lady Angel Angelina (Angel), Baroness Rosevale Frederick (Max), Earl of Penrose
Book 2 Bride of the Solway Cassandra (Cassie) Elliott Captain Ross Graham
Book 3 Delight and Desire (ebook novella) OUT OF PRINT —
now republished with new title — see below
Isobel Lang Ritchie Major Robert Anstruther
Series 3

The Aikenhead Honours

The Aikenhead Honours are rich, titled playboys, idling their way across Europe after Napoleon’s defeat and exile to Elba in 1814. In private, the four are British spies, operating in London, St Petersburg, Vienna, Lyons and Paris. As agents, they have no time for women — especially after Napoleon escapes and raises his standard again in France. But, without help from women, can any of them survive?
Book 1 His Cavalry Lady Alexandra (Alex) Ivanovna Kuralkina Dominic Aikenhead, Duke of Calder
Book 2 His Reluctant Mistress Sophie Pietre Lord Leo Aikenhead
Book 3 His Forbidden Liaison Marguerite Grolier Lord Jack Aikenhead
Book 4 His Silken Seduction (ebook novella) OUT OF PRINT — now republished in expanded version — see below Suzanne Grolier Ben, Baron Dexter

Individual Stories

1 A Poor Relation Isabella Winstanley Leigh, Baron Amburley
2 The Earl’s Mistletoe Bride Elizabeth (Beth) Aubrey Major Jonathan (Jon) Foxe-Garway, Earl of Portbury
3 A Regency Invitation
(with Nicola Cornick & Elizabeth Rolls)
Amy Devereaux Marcus Sinclair

Novels and Novellas Published by Joanna Maitland Independent

JMI #1 His Silken Seduction
(Regency novella in a revised & extended new edition)
Suzanne Grolier Ben, Baron Dexter
JMI #2 Star Crossed at Twilight
(Scottish Regency novella in a new edition. Previously published as Delight and Desire.)
Isobel Lang Ritchie  Major Robert Anstruther
 JMI #3    **Lady in Lace**
(Regency timeslip)
Titles with asterisks in **bold green** will be published soon. Publication dates will appear first on Joanna’s page here on the website


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