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It is very exciting to be part of Libertà. This may seem a bit obvious, but I was a reader before I was an author and I will always read more books than I write. So I am really looking forward to hearing new recommendations from other people instead of robots.

I’m also cautiously pleased to be self-publishing — “at last!” says my dearest friend and severest critic, harrumphing a bit — some favourites from my out-of-print backlist. I started with Goblin Court (shown further down the page) which many readers tell me is dear to their hearts and still makes me laugh! But now I’ve added another favourite, Red Hot Lover, a story that some readers may have missed because it was published under the pen-name Lucy Merritt.


Red Hot Lover?

Looks, charisma, intellect — offered his own TV Series, super cool architect Joe Gomez has nothing to lose but his temper.
One of the world’s peacemakers, Alex’s life is unexciting but sorted.
Nurturing her warring family? Check.
Running her tycoon grandmother’s private office? Check.
Marrying her childhood sweetheart? Work in progress.
But Alex’s dreams are haunted by a man in a mask. And Joe Gomez says his business needs her.
Joe is a world class flirt and, allegedly, a Red Hot Lover. He gets what he wants.
RED HOT LOVER available now at £2.40/$2.99

Goblin Court by Sophie Weston

Free Spirit vs Sexy Control Freak

Village gossip about the mysterious new owner of the Manor gives free spirit Lucy Wild the best laugh she’s had in a long time.

That is until he bounces her into a ditch and out of her comfort zone.

For high-handed Robert Challenger is on a mission to reform her relaxed childcare practices. But Lucy is a tiger when it comes to protecting her small nephew and niece. And she’s going to stop him.

A revised and expanded edition of the print version originally published by Harlequin Mills & Boon in 1976

GOBLIN COURT available now at £2.99/$4.49.

The Fifty Is Up! Well, nearly…

Coming soon will be something completely new — and a further cause for celebration — Vertical Sex, which will be my 50th published title.

Vertical Sex by Sophie Weston, cover image of tango dancers

And an extra…

You can read Sophie’s short story A Little Bit of Sparkle here and now.

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