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If the sun is shining… and even if it isn’t…

Sand, sea, sky and Beach Hut Surprise

Beach Hut Surprise was republished in a bright and summery new cover to tempt your reading taste buds. Just the thing to read when the sun is shining down on you—and even better as a reminder of summer when it isn’t. The Libertà hive members have teamed up with hive friends Louise Allen and Lesley Cookman in this light-hearted anthology.

Six fun stories to make you smile, or giggle, or shake your head at how batty authors can be when they let their hair down on the Little Piddling sands.

only £2.99 / $3.99

The Libertà Hive

Libertà co-founder Joanna Maitland


Libertà co-founder Sophie Weston



Libertà is this light-hearted website where readers and authors share their experience, discoveries, favourites and occasional oddities.



Libertà hive member Sarah Mallory/Melinda Hammond


Libertà hive member Liz Fielding


We are four multi-published authors — Sophie Weston, Joanna Maitland, Liz Fielding and  Sarah Mallory, And we laugh a lot.

Libertà has evolved to cover advice on writing and, in the real world, well-received workshops for both experienced and aspiring writers.

Expect yet more innovations in the future, both in the real world and the virtual!

The Libertà Name?

Where did the name come from? Well, the two founders wanted to stress writing independence—liberty 😉 if you like—and that was part of it.

Also, both Sophie and Joanna have a fondness for bad puns.

No, the name has nothing to do with BERT. Joanna protests that she doesn’t know anyone called Bert. But it did have to do with BOOKS.

Our pun attempt fell flat. Not a single visitor to the website, over all these years, has noticed that the name Libertà is a combination of liber (Latin for book) and  (thank you). Sigh. But as you’ll see from many of our blog posts, we at Libertà are very, very grateful to books. So long live Libertà! And long live books and authors.

Oh and how on earth do you pronounce Libertà? Think how you say the English word liberty and replace the final -y with an -a. Bert really doesn’t come into it, honest.

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