Libertà’s First Beach Holiday Anthology

The Libertà Girls Are Going on a Summer Holiday

Come along with Libertà hive members
Liz Fielding, Joanna Maitland,
Sarah Mallory, Sophie Weston
and their friends Louise Allen and Lesley Cookman

Libertà's 6-author anthology Beach Hut Surprise


Well, we said there could well be further Hive Releases in 2020, with more or different participants. And here is the first. We hope there may be more, but no promises.

Six very different stories to read on—or instead of going to—the beach.
Writing them has cheered us all up during Lockdown.
Enjoy our Beach Hut Surprise!

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The Libertà Hive

Libertà co-founder Joanna Maitland


Libertà co-founder Sophie Weston



Libertà is this light-hearted website where readers and authors share their experience, discoveries, favourites and occasional oddities.



Libertà hive member Sarah Mallory/Melinda Hammond


Libertà hive member Liz Fielding


We are four multi-published authors — Sophie Weston, Joanna Maitland, Liz Fielding and  Sarah Mallory, And we laugh a lot.

Libertà has evolved to cover advice on writing and, in the real world, well-received workshops for both experienced and aspiring writers.

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