Goblin Court, Past and Present

In one way, the whole of my writing life is encapsulated in Goblin Court, past and present. Goblin Court was my second book and it is still, umpty um years later, a story that people email and talk to me about with real affection. That is like having a cat sit on your knee in front […]

First Person Narrative and Reader Resistance

The first thing my agent ever said to me was, “Readers hate first person narrative.” I had sent her a thrilling escape-from-the-bad-guys romantic suspense set in Greece under the Colonels. And, yes, it was told in the first person. Still she’d read the thing. And then taken me to lunch. So I nodded politely and […]

Special Licence Marriage — Heyer’s Research Failing?

Marriage by special licence plays a very important role in historical romance. Georgette Heyer used it often. And today’s writers of historical romance use it too. Why? Because with banns or a common licence, the couple had to marry in a public church or chapel between the hours of 8 and noon.     Those restrictions would have put paid […]

Sophie’s book list

People have asked me to set out the Sophie Weston books on the back list so here they are, (along with my other writing names). I’ve put the Christian names of the characters in as well because, if you’re like me, that’s how you remember books.  In fact, when a book is in progress, I […]

Sophie Weston

Spotlight, camera, action… Sophie returns to romance! The Prince’s Bride Writing this story of the Royal Wedding Invitations quartet has been a pleasure and privilege. Never thought I could it again. Thank you, fellow authors Jessica, Liz, and Anne and Tule publishing. “A new Sophie Weston! I’ve been waiting for this moment for YEARS! So […]