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At the back end of last year, when the days were short and the nights were dark, the Libertà hive got together round my dinner table and talked about our long-held wish to write something together. Something jolly, we thought. Something people could read on the beach and relax with. Something that gave us a good laugh, intrigued us, finished with a happy sigh.

From beach we went to beach hut. And from beach hut we came to Little Piddling, a timeless British seaside town with a unique history—and some very strange visitors…

My contribution is a completely new departure for me. This is how it starts:

Until the Visit, I was doing fairly well at Orwell College for Gifted Children. I was teaching chemistry at all levels. It was March 1973 and I’d been in post for seven months. I’d started extracurricular classes in astrophysics for half a dozen Sixth Formers. My Astronomy Club was so popular, I had to divide it into Juniors and Seniors, or nobody got enough time at the telescope.

No takers yet for my classes in computer science. But Headmaster Abel said that would come in time.

“Your enthusiasm is too infectious, Selsis,” he said kindly. “Lo, the unbelievers shall see the light.”

It was a private joke to make me feel better. And it did.

There’s a lot more to Selsis that you may think. Find out why, and  how she fetches up in Little Piddling and what she does next in Going Home?  Including that private joke. It’s a good one. Trust me on this. You’ll remember it.



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I became a writer almost as soon as I was a reader—did my own illustrations too. 10 pages of stapled A5, now dog-eared and a bit grubby, witness that. Libertà is for readers and writers.

Joanna and I set up Libertà to share writing tips, run occasional writing courses and share favourite books, old and new. So delighted that friends, trusted book-recommenders and fellow authors, Liz Fielding and Sarah Mallory have joined us. Authors are just the best mates!

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For new readers and people whose copies are falling to pieces, I’m slowly putting into e-format previously published stories.

Red Hot Lover

Super cool architect Joe Gomez is a brisk businessman, world class flirt and, allegedly, a Red Hot Lover. He gets what he wants.

Alex is one of the world’s peacemakers, efficient, nurturing and loyal to all sides of her warring family. She’s too busy to even think what she wants.


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Goblin Court cover by Sophie WestonGoblin Court

Free Spirit versus Sexy Control Freak.

Newly arrived lord of the manor, high-handed Robert Challenger decides to reform musician Lucy Wild’s relaxed childcare . But Lucy is a tiger when it comes to protecting her small nephew and niece.

She’s going to stop him dead in his tracks.

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A revised and expanded edition of the print version of this much loved story, originally published by Harlequin Mills & Boon in 1976

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