6 thoughts on “A blog on writing a blog? How one blogger does it

  1. lesley2cats

    Well, of COURSE I’m the first to comment! What a wonderful blog, Joanna! Thank you so much – not least for the un-looked for promotion. It comes at a particularly opportune time, as I am currently updating and revitalising my own blog and there are definitely things here I Need To Know – like SEO, for instance. I’m sure I’ve heard you speak of it before, but I was completely in the dark. Now I know, and (possibly with the help of a Junior Cookman) I can put it into operation. Thank you again, and, of course, thank you for the cat.

    1. Joanna Post author

      You are welcome, Lesley. I’m not a great guru on SEO, far from it, but I may be able to advise if you have questions.

  2. Liz Fielding

    Lots of really useful advice, Joanna. I’m particularly taken with the clothes angle. My heroes and heroines don’t go in for fancy clothes but that in itself is a subject, especially when they’re ongoing characters. And ending with an open question will, hopefully, encourage readers to leave a comment.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Well, for Regencies, readers would be disappointed if authors didn’t talk about clothes. But for contemporaries it may not matter. And I agree about open questions. Still, readers have to have the energy and time to answer them. Not everyone does. I wish more of them would.

  3. Elizabeth Bailey

    Really great advice and tips, Joanna, thank you. I’ve been remiss over the last months and done zero blogs. On the other hand, I write almost weekly newsletters to my subscribers and much of your advice applies there, IMO. A chatty style, making readers laugh, more chat than sell (though with newsletters there is usually some bargain offer or intro to another author’s book, and free stuff more often than not), and images. It’s more intimate and personal than a blog, which is intended to be informative, but similar in tone, for me anyway.

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