18 thoughts on “RIP Tom Kyd, Sophie’s Companion Cat

    1. Sophie

      Thank you so much, Jan. Missing Tom’s hugs just at the moment, with added purrage, so yours very much appreciated.

  1. Sue McCormick

    I am so sorry for you loss. I, personally, am a firm believer in “Rainbow Bridge.” I hope such a thought will help.

    1. Sophie

      Thank you Elizabeth. He was, indeed, handsome and a gent. Every time I properly think of him, rather than simply just miss him, I beam.

    1. Sophie

      Thank you, Helena. He was indeed an ace Writer’s Companion. Took his duties very seriously. At some point he sat on every book I’ve ever written, I think.

    1. Sophie

      Ah, thank you, Liz. For a cat who largely eschewed Company, he does seem to have a surprising number of friends and well-wishers out there. I am so very much touched by that.

  2. Joanna Post author

    Thanks to everyone who sent comments and sympathies. I am sure Sophie will wish to respond, but not today, I think. I hope you will all understand.

    1. Sophie

      Yes, he was, Liz, an absolute joy. And still is and will continue to be, once I get over this present hump. Thank you for the hugs. Needed and appreciated just at this moment.

    1. Sophie

      Thank you Juliet. You hit the nail right on the head. I’m a great believe in inter-species friendship. I count myself very luck to have had Tom’s.

  3. lesley2cats

    Rather late commenting on this, but `I’ve been thinking of you all the time since we heard about Tom. Devastating news.

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