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Dear Reader — Tell us about Your Favourite Books…

You can read our page of love letters to favourite novels that readers have already shared. See if you agree with their faves.

Or do you have another favourite novel, one you recommend to all your reading friends and to reluctant readers, too? favourite books and readers on beachA book that you think about, and probably reread often?

Tell us about it. Share the lurve 😉
Libertà visitors are voracious readers and would love to hear about the One Great Book that really grabbed you and that, maybe, they haven’t yet found. You could have your own Love Letter to your One Great Novel published here for everyone to read. How? It’s simple to do. Details here

…and your Favourite (perhaps Forgotten?) Authors

We’ve started with a quartet of favourite and forgotten authors suggested by others. See if they’re your favourites, too. If not, why not suggest someone else?

Perhaps it’s not one single novel that you rave about, but a single author favourite books help take boredom out of travellingwhose books you love and return to, again and again.

Tell us about her or him. Especially if your favourite is someone who has been forgotten. Tell us why they should be appreciated by modern readers. Tell us what it is that draws you back, over and over again. As with favourite books, do please share the love of your favourite authors and let Libertà readers discover what they may be missing.

How? Again, it’s simple to do. More info here. 

Even a cat can share a good book, so why don’t you share too?

even cat has a favourite book

Even a cat can share a favourite book : you can, too

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