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Avid readers discussing their favourite authors and books. You can join in, too

By popular request! A feature on favourite authors

Some of you want to write about one of your favourite authors, rather than a particular book. We think that’s fine — as long as they’re dead.

If they aren’t dead, tell the authors themselves. They’ll love it. Trust us on this!

To suggest a favourite author — and that includes forgotten favourites, too — leave a comment in the Reply box on this page. Tell us which author you’d like to propose and why.  Just a couple of sentences should do it. Then, other visitors to this page will be able to read your suggestion and support it.  (Or not, of course!)

commenting on favourite authors


If there’s enough support for your favourite, your selected author will get a page of his or her own, where everyone can leave comments and have their say.


Favourite Authors : The Initial Libertà Four

  • Ray Bradbury : seminal science fiction, fantasy and horror
  • Georgette Heyer : her Georgian and Regency romances are particularly loved
  • Dorothy L Sayers : crime with the aristocratic amateur sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey
  • Mary Stewart : widely viewed as the creator of the romantic suspense genre

favourite author autograph

To start this feature off, we’ve produced an initial list of four authors and each has his/her own page. Just click on the author name above and the page will open. You’ll see short comments from the Libertà hive, largely because we didn’t want to leave the pages blank!

Feel free to disagree with what we’ve said. If you love or hate these authors, we’d like to know why. You can leave comments in the Reply box on any of the individual author pages.

There will be more author pages soon, depending on suggestions from you. So please do take a moment to tell us which authors you think should have their own pages. Just put your ideas in the Reply box at the bottom of this page.

If you’d prefer to write a longer piece on a favourite author, contact us here and we’ll get back to you with guidelines and admin details.

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That’s a start. What’s next for Favourite Authors?

This is still a work in progress, but we hope you will enjoy this first version.  We’ll even look at the feasibility of holding a real time discussion, if it turns out that lots of people are interested.

Favourite authors are our guides into the magic realm of reading

Favourite Authors can be our Guides into the Magic Realm of Reading




4 thoughts on “Favourite and Forgotten Authors

  1. Amanda Nason

    Eleanor Hibbert, well I particularly loved her work writing as Victoria Holt. I loved those books when I was a teenager.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Have to admit that Victoria Holt, in her various incarnations, was one of those we considered for the initial group of favourite authors. However, we felt that Mary Stewart was even more loved and so she got the place. Feel free to tell us we were wrong.

      1. Amanda Nason

        Oh yes, I certainly think you’re wrong! Victoria Holt took me to cornish castles and mansions and thrilled me with a combination of suspense and romance. As a teenager I found her books helped to fill that gaping hole left behind by Enid Blyton, a hole that no other author came anywhere close to filling. Her books will always have a special place in my heart.

        1. Joanna Post author

          Maybe you’d like to volunteer to write a Love Letter to one of Victoria Holt’s novels? Email us from the contact page if you’d fancy having a go, Amanda.

          Alternatively, if enough other votes support Victoria Holt, we can give her a page of her own under Favourite Authors. Let’s see if others agree with you, shall we? Over to you, guys.


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