Epiphany: Gifts For Writers? Plus a Bargain Offer

Epiphany tryptich by Hieronymus Bosch

Epiphany — 6th January — marks the end of the 12 Days of Christmas, and the day when the Three Kings brought gifts to the infant Jesus. The tryptich above is by Hieronymus Bosch, dated to around the end of the 15th century. But, with apologies to those who prefer the religious meaning of Epiphany, that’s not what I’m writing about in this blog.

glitter, the bane of post-Christmas cleaningIn the UK, Epiphany can be a bit of a downer, an end to things. It’s when we take down our Christmas decorations, put the cards in the recycling bin, and chop up the tree ready for the bonfire. We go back to work, if we haven’t done so already. The fun and games are over. Once we’ve hoovered up all the pine needles and the glitter that gets absolutely everywhere, the house looks a bit drab, doesn’t it? (And, next year, glitter is definitely banned in the Maitland house!)

Gift for EpiphanySo what to do to liven things up in these dark winter days?

Perhaps the idea of Epiphany might help? And more gift giving?

You’ll find a Libertà bargain offer at the end of the blog. But get in quick — our special offer expires at midnight on 6th January.

Epiphany — a moment of sudden and great revelation/realisation

epiphany can mean lightbulb momentEpiphany doesn’t have only a religious connotation. It can also be a lightbulb moment. For writers, it’s the moment when we go: “Aha! Of course! Why didn’t I realise that before?”

And, in a way, it is a gift, isn’t it? Often, it’s a gift from our ever-busy subconscious. It seems to be able to find the way through, even when our conscious mind is tearing its proverbial hair out.

Writerly Epiphanies

endI remember a couple of occasions when epiphany moments totally changed what I was writing. One was how to end my first timeslip story, Lady in Lace. I had been agonising over that for ages and couldn’t find a satisfactory answer. I was ready to bin the story altogether. Then, one morning, I woke up and it was all there. And my epiphany solution was much simpler than any of the tortured plot ideas my conscious mind had worked out. (Though to save spoilers, I won’t say here what it was.)

villain cartoonOn another occasion, I was on writing retreat with some of the most inspiring authors out there, including our own Sophie Weston, Katie Fforde and the much-missed Sara Craven. I was creating a villain, trying to make him as sinister as I could. We all sat down — over a sustaining glass of wine, as you do — to read out what we’d written. And in response to my villain, Sara said: “Sinister, yes, but sexy, too.”

Alan Rickman and Richard Armitage anti-heroes

sexy anti-heroes?

Lightbulb moment.

Yes, he would be a villain but also an anti-hero.

So I needed another villain, a totally unsexy one, to fill out the cast. Which is what I did.

You can imagine how much fun I had, writing my sexy anti-hero. Especially as I had the two on the right in the back of my mind 😉

Have you had epiphany moments in your writing?
We’d love to hear about them.

Epiphany special — Libertà Boxset at 99p/99¢ — ends 6th January

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I Hate Christmas: witty romantic suspense from Sophie Weston

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One Christmas Tree To Go: Victorian timeslip from Joanna Maitland

Offer expires at midnight on 6th January, UK time.
Sadly, the offer is available only in the UK and the USA.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading from the I Hate Christmas authors:

Sophie and Joanna

4 thoughts on “Epiphany: Gifts For Writers? Plus a Bargain Offer

  1. Elizabeth Bailey

    Sleeping on it or just doing something else often does raise an epiphany. At the moment, I need one to set me off writing again. Have decided to immerse in the world of my books by reading the last one in hopes the inner writer will start pumping. At the moment, she’s about as pumped as a flat tire and refuses to wake up!
    Have read Joanna’s story with much enjoyment and just starting on Sophie’s. Wonderful stuff. Highly recommended.

  2. Sarah Mallory

    Thoroughly enjoyed the book, ladies, a real tonic at this time of the year! I don’t have many Epiphanies with plot although I do get ideas flashing into my mind. The problems with plot seem to sort themselves if I write through them, which often results in lots of re-writing! Great post, Joanna, thank you.

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