Spring (in spite of the hail and sleet) for inspiration

garden in April after snowDon’t know about you, but here on the borders of Wales, we’ve got hail and sleet and rain. Not exactly inspiration in Spring, is it?

So today I thought I’d share images of places that inspire me in Spring, some here at home—some even in my garden, including the April snow scene shown right—and some further afield. The places abroad are wish list destinations for now, but they can still provide inspiration.

And maybe, one of these years, we’ll actually be able to visit them. I do hope so.

Inspiration at home

Gardens are wonderful. And, in Spring, when new leaves start to unfurl and buds break into bloom, we can almost feel the joy of new life.

pheasant on wallWe usually have at least one tame (or tamish) pheasant frequenting our garden in Spring, with a few hens in tow. This is an old picture of the kitchen wall so this cock pheasant must be long dead, sadly. But we have another this year.clematis montana on wall

The picture on the right shows a later view of the same wall, once the clematis had really taken hold. Makes me want to smile at all that blossom. How about you?

Inspiration elsewhere in UK

Can’t resist showing you this, taken one Spring (in March) when Sophie and I made an excursion to see the Severn Bore in all its power. We were safely on the bank (naturally) but quite a lot of wet-suited surfers were out there trying to ride the Bore. If you look closely [click to enlarge] you can see that some of them have already come a cropper. But some rode a long, long way.surfers riding the Severn Bore in MarchAlternatively, just down the road is the peaceful haven of Slimbridge where you can go and admire all sorts of amazing birds including these rather stately flamingoes. Yes, I do know they’re not native to UK, but they seemed to me to be very much at home near the banks of the Severn. As do the assorted ducks in the background. Sun was shining there, too. Lovely.flamingoes at Slimbridge Wetlands centre

And further afield (where it might be warmer?)

This picture, I promise you, was taken in late March, in Florence (though obviously not this year). It shows the city in the Spring sunshine. The manicured trees haven’t sprung into leaf yet, but the garden is still green and attractive. And the sun shone.  Wonderful.Florence panorama in Spring

And for those who can’t imagine Florence without David, I’m including a picture of him, as well.

Well, inspiration is inspiration, isn’t it? And a very handsome young man definitely fills the bill, even if he is made of marble.

Don’t miss the added fig leaf on the sculpture in the bottom right corner. Looks incongruous, doesn’t it, since David is there in all his naked glory and much, much (ahem) bigger?

This is further south again, in Marrakech, in Morocco.

It’s the wonderful garden restored by Yves Saint Laurent, the Jardin Majorelle. If you’re ever lucky enough to be in Marrakech, do visit it.

It’s almost all green, but there are sculptures and pots in a singing blue, like the sides of the water course shown here. And when it’s hot—which it is, even in February and March—it’s a blissful haven. Inspirational.

Even further south are the Canary Islands and Madeira. Wonderful places to visit in Spring, once we’re allowed to travel again. You might even try your hand at sand sculpture on the Canaries—this is definitely not mere sand castle building—or alternatively just admire the amazing results that other people can produce. Or enjoy the green tranquillity of Madeira from the stunning botanic gardens overlooking Funchal.

sand sculptures Canary Islands  Madeira sea from botanic gardens

Inspiration in the Caribbean?

Caribbean spring flowersWell, why not? We can dream, can’t we?

I thought you might like to be inspired by a Caribbean Spring garden. So lush. So many striking flowers to admire.

And if we’re in the realms of imagination, we have to have a beach, don’t we?

Doesn’t that sea look inviting? And all but one of those beach recliners are free, so you can take your ease with a glass of punch and a good book, until you feel the need to take a dip.

Inspiration now, reality maybe one of these days? Hope so.Caribbean beach and sea

Keep being inspired. And let your imagination keep the ideas flowing. What’s not to like?

Joanna, trying for inspiration

8 thoughts on “Spring (in spite of the hail and sleet) for inspiration

  1. lesley2cats

    Lovely pictures, Joanna, thank you. Glorious clear blue sky at the moment here at the Kent seaside.

    1. Joanna Post author

      You are lucky with the weather, Lesley. It’s been raining here and is still cloudy and grey. However, no hail today. So far!

    1. Joanna Post author

      My montana still isn’t in flower yet this year. Normally it blooms in March as per that picture. But something is odd in my garden this year. The wild cherries are in blossom, as normal, and the camellias, but a lot of the cultivated stuff seems very late.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thanks, Liz. When you see it under the Moroccan sun the blue does sing out. That image in the blog is a shady one, and even then the colour grabs the viewer. I thought the garden was utterly stunning. I have zillions of pics!

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