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You’ve been redirected here to because this is where my website is now hosted. The old website doesn’t exist any more. But you can find the same content here. Plus lots more. has:

The lists include my own blogs and also blogs by the multi-published author friends who are also on this website—Sophie Weston, Liz Fielding, Sarah Mallory—plus some guest bloggers too. There are several years’ worth of our blogs, and some of them are great fun. Why not have a browse here and see if anything tickles your fancy? There are dozens to choose from. I hope you think it’s worth having been redirected.

Research Snippets from—redirected

You may be searching for the research snippets I published on my old website.They’re all quite old now, but they’re still fun and I didn’t want to lose them.

There’s a list of the snippets below. You’ll find them on the research snippets page.
I hope you still find them enjoyable. I’ve also included some of the links to useful research sites that are still available (at the end of the research snippets page).

  • Elopements weren’t always to Gretna Green
  • Gretna Marriages
  • Lady Jersey’s Gretna secrets
  • Crossing the sands of the Solway
  • An Archbishop crosses the Solway
  • A Solway legend
  • Avoiding the Exciseman, even if it was Robert Burns
  • Derby Fillies
  • Harriette Wilson, High Society Courtesan
  • Regency London
  • London Prisons
  • Marriage by Special Licence