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I’m so excited to have joined Sophie, Joanna and Sarah in Libertà hive.

I have been writing contemporary romance for more than twenty-five years — I’ve worn in a track in the carpet to my keyboard!

In more than seventy books, I have put my characters through everything that life can throw at them. Happy Ever After is for fairy tales, but I do always see them shining through to the kind of ending that we would all wish for. To share their lives, as equals, with a partner who loves, respects and honours them.

There’s a list of all my published books here, and a short bio here.

Happy reading!


PS in case you were wondering, my 2018 shortlisted RITA book was:

The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess

Cover Sheikh's Convenient Princess by Liz Fielding

Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari knows a reconciliation with his estranged father means accepting his father’s choice of bride…unless he gets there first! Luckily he has the perfect convenient princess in mind – his stunning new assistant Ruby Dance.

After her last cheating boyfriend Ruby is avoiding all commitments, but this ‘promotion’ could help her family so she agrees to a temporary marriage. She should be craving her next assistant role – not the devastating beauty of the desert and the man who rules it all…

And my contribution to the Tule Royal Wedding Series was:

The Bridesmaid's Royal Bodyguard by Liz Fielding, cover

The Bridesmaid’s Royal Bodyguard