First Reader Love Letter to a Favourite Novel

First Love Letter to a Favourite Novel

Libertà’s First Reader Love Letter to a Favourite Novel

Our Love Letter to a Favourite Novel feature is still a work in progress. We’ve now refined it in the light of comments we’ve received from (we hope) intending contributors. We’re really grateful for all the supportive and encouraging suggestions and we hope you will keep them coming.

At this stage, we’ve got a couple of watchwords for ourselves and our contributors as they write their Love Letters: sharing and authenticity.

  • chatting about authors we loveSharing — we want everyone who reads these posts to feel at home here, whether they’re a fellow author or not.
  • Authentic — the piece doesn’t have to be unalloyed praise. Love isn’t always blind, after all. If readers think a character was short changed or there’s something they wish had or hadn’t been in the book, but nevertheless they still love it, they should go ahead and say so in their Love Letter.

You can read more about the latest news on the Love Letter to a Favourite Novel feature on the main page.

Today with a fanfare of trumpet — we could only manage one, sadly — we’re publishing our first reader contribution. Beth Elliott shares her love for R D Blackmore’s Lorna Doone.

Valentine’s Day News

Reading woman sitting on window boar with cat on knees


The next Libertà blog — appropriately for Valentine’s Day — will be about how we got the idea for the Love Letter to a Favourite Novel feature. Well, why not? Books can get Love Letters too. Love of a book can last a lifetime.


Cover of His Silken Seduction by Joanna Maitland


Also for Valentine’s Day, Joanna’s latest historical romance ebook, His Silken Seduction, is on special offer this week, including Sunday, at your local Amazon. If you want a  romantic Valentine’s gift for someone special, or even for yourself, it’s a great bargain. You’ll meet lovers thrown together in war time and surrounded by danger. Their hearts beat faster, and so will yours.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Libertà hive!

2 thoughts on “First Reader Love Letter to a Favourite Novel

  1. Lesley Cookman

    I do think this is done so beautifully – the whole Liberta site, I mean. I shall be proud to blog for it! And I’m still trying to decide whether I write a love letter to The Little White Horse or I Capture the Castle.

    1. Joanna Post author

      If a hive could blush, Lesley, the Libertà hive would be blushing now. Thank you so much for the accolade. We’re waiting with bated wotsits to see what you come up with…

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