How to Become a Wizard

Day 7   And a day of rest for the industrious Joanna . . .

An author, in Shakespeare’s words, gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name. But that still leaves a pretty misty prospect. The habitation has no postcode.

Names often have more substance, admittedly. You only have to think of Sir Toby Belch or the Cheeryble Brothers to realise that. But they’re still in the middle of an open circuit. It needs something else to close it.

readers make the magic happen

fountain power in Battersea Park

Hello Gentle Reader! Once the reader makes contact, the power is ON.

Suddenly someone else cares about the characters and their story. When a reader gasps with horror as the heroine is kidnapped by brigands or holds his breath as a murderer creeps up the stairs, the magic is working. The reader’s imagination has breathed life into them.

Ergo the quickest way to do magic is to read a book. I’ll drink to that

Sophie, subtechy but feeling brave