Serendipity: a New Love Letter to a Favourite Novel


serendipity the key to a magic realm of readingHow many of us owe a lifelong love of a particular author to serendipity?

The kind of happy accident — in a bookshop, or a book sale, or perhaps even a hotel bedroom — when we pick up an author we haven’t heard of and start to read.

And ten minutes, or ten pages, later, we have the key to a whole new world and we are well and truly hooked.


New Love Letter to a Favourite Novel

Serendipity Love Letter to a Favourite NovelToday’s new Love Letter is from a male reader (small fanfare of trumpet here for sex equality in reading!). David describes the effect of just such an unexpected discovery — a hitherto unknown writer who has since become a must-buy for him and an essential part of his reading landscape.

Just the thing to warm the cockles of every writer’s heart.


Magician First edition cover

cover of first edition


The writer in question is Raymond E Feist and David’s happy discovery was Magician, an engrossing fantasy first published back in 1982. You can read David’s Love Letter here.

And if you’re anything like the members of the Libertà hive, David’s love letter may make you feel that Magician is a book that you should read, too.

Please Keep the Love Letters Coming!

Our Love Letter to a Favourite Novel feature is producing more and more reader contributions and we are delighted with the ones we’ve received so far. It’s fascinating to us at Libertà — and we hope to visitors to the website as well — to see the books that readers choose for this feature, and why.

Please keep the Love Letter proposals coming! You can let us know the novel you’d like to write about via our contact page.


2 thoughts on “Serendipity: a New Love Letter to a Favourite Novel

  1. Barb

    I like reading this segment. It amazes me how the discovery of one book sometimes can open the door to reading as more than just a way of passing time. Somehow that book is a cementing of the richness reading adds to our lives.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Barb, and apologies that you couldn’t leave it on the Magician page. My fault, I fear. When I loaded the page, I forgot to tick the “allow comments” function.
      Joanna (hanging head in shame)

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