Sarah’s book list

Here’s a handy — and printable — list of all my books and short stories published to date. I’ve added a little note where books are linked. Please do email me (via the Contact page) if you are looking for a specific book and can’t find it from this list. I’ll try to help.

Writing as Sarah Mallory
Published by Harlequin Mills & Boon

Sarah Title Notes/Series
1 More than a Governess
2 The Wicked Baron
3 Wicked Captain, Wayward Wife Nick Wylder, younger son of…
4 The Dangerous Lord Darrington …Guy Wylder, Earl of Darrington
5 The Earls’ Runaway Bride
6 Disgrace and Desire
7 To Catch a Husband…
8 Snowbound with the Notorious Rake
9 The Illegitimate Montague Castonbury Park miniseries
10 Behind the Rake’s Wicked Wager The Notorious Coale Brothers
11 Beneath the Major’s Scars The Notorious Coale Brothers
12 The Tantalizing Miss Coale [short story] The Notorious Coale Brothers
13 Bought for Revenge
14 Lady Beneath the Veil Actress Agnes Bennet is the stage…
15 At the Highwayman’s Pleasure …name of Charity Weston
16 The Scarlet Gown
17 Never Trust a Rebel
18 A Lady For Lord Randall Brides of Waterloo miniseries
19 The Chaperon’s Seduction The Infamous Arrandales
20 Temptation of a Governess The Infamous Arrandales
21 Return of the Runaway The Infamous Arrandales
22 The Outcast’s Redemption The Infamous Arrandales
23 The Duke’s Secret Heir
24 Pursued for the Viscount’s Vengeance
25 The Ton’s Most Notorious Rake Saved from Disgrace
26 Beauty and the Brooding Lord Saved from Disgrace

Writing as Melinda Hammond 
Published by Carina Press

Melinda Title Notes/Series
1 Casting Samson [Dual Time Novel]

Writing as Melinda Hammond
Published Independently

2 Spring Awakening
[previously published as Fortune’s Lady]
Only available in the Regency Four Seasons Quartet
3 Autumn Bride Major Philip Lagallan
4 The Dream Chasers Vivyan Lagallan
5 Summer Charade
6 Maid of Honour
7 The Duke and the Debutante
[previously published as The Bargain]
8 Lady’s Vengeance
9 Winter Inheritance
[previously published as The Highclough Lady]
10 A Lady at Midnight
11 Dance for a Diamond
12 Gentlemen in Question
13 The Wayward Miss Wyckenham
[previously published as The Belle Dames Club]
Wicked Elliot, 6th Marquis of Ullenwood and father of…
14 Marrying the Marquis
[previously published as A Rational Romance]
…Hero Elliot, 7th Marquis of Ullenwood
15 Lucasta
16 The Duke’s Christmas Bride
17 Moonshadows [Dual Time Novel]
18 Duke’s Folly
19 The Christmas Travellers [Short Story]
20 And the Stars Shine Down [Short Story]