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Freedom Frenzy

As lockdown stumbles off stage left, I am frantically busy, returning to life as I knew it. I have three books in various stages of near completion. THREE. Ludicrous.

I can see my dear late editor looking quizzically at me from the far beyond. And hear her: “Pick one and damn well FINISH the thing,” she is saying

Fellow authors are more gentle. But the message is the same. Right then. Better get on with it.

Punctuating Properly

Throughout July I am teaching an online course on punctuation for the Romantic Novelists Association.

The more I look at punctuation, the more certain I am that it is an art form. So this course is equally stimulating and terrifying.

Good fun, too.

Lockdown Legacy

London skyline with St Paul's dome and skyscrapers in fogThen there was the mystery serial I wrote over the twelve days of Christmas. So, hand on heart, I can say I’ve finished 1 story this year.

I enjoyed the challenge of a new genre. And all the minuscule trials of lockdown are in there, because I was suffering them as I wrote it. So it’s a sort of historical document, too, I suppose.

Read it here.

Vintage Books

For new readers and people’s whose copies are falling to pieces, I’m slowly putting into e-format previously published stories.

Red Hot Lover

Super cool architect Joe Gomez is a brisk businessman, world class flirt and, allegedly, a Red Hot Lover. He gets what he wants.

Alex is one of the world’s peacemakers, efficient, nurturing and loyal to all sides of her warring family. She’s too busy to even think what she wants.


BUY LINK Red Hot Lover 

Goblin Court cover by Sophie WestonGoblin Court

Free Spirit versus Sexy Control Freak.

Newly arrived lord of the manor, high-handed Robert Challenger decides to reform musician Lucy Wild’s relaxed childcare . But Lucy is a tiger when it comes to protecting her small nephew and niece.

She’s going to stop him dead in his tracks.

BUY LINK Goblin Court

A revised and expanded edition of the print version of this much loved story, originally published by Harlequin Mills & Boon in 1976

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