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Biography of Sophie Weston, Author

Sophie Weston lives in London and writes stories with happy endings.

She used to work in financial regulation and travelled a lot. As a result she hates airports and loves e-books. She usually has a companion cat but is basically a push over for anything with four feet and fur. She loves Elizabethan madrigals, baroque opera and Meatloaf.

Her favourite fruit is the Conference Pear (but it has to be hard), favourite scent mown grass and favourite time of day first light. She writes all the time but has terrible trouble letting a book go.

Of those she has liberated, she has sold 12 million books in 27 languages and more than 100 countries, mainly contemporary romances published by Harlequin Mills & Boon. (Full fiction book list here.)

As Sophie Page, she also wrote a modern fairy tale, To Marry a Prince, for Century Arrow.

With historical novelist Elizabeth Hawksley, she wrote a guide to punctuation for the petrified called Getting the Point, published by Floris Books. They are still trying to work out how to make it available in e-book format while still being user friendly. The Index Conundrum!

As Jenny Haddon, she co-edited the 50th anniversary memoir of the UK’s Romantic Novelists Association, Fabulous at Fifty.

You can read her short story A Little Bit of Sparkle here and nowAnd also her lockdown serial.