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People have asked me to set out the Sophie Weston books on the back list so here they are, (along with my other writing names).

I’ve put the Christian names of the characters in as well because, if you’re like me, that’s how you remember books.  In fact, when a book is in progress, I usually hold the files in the computer under the name of the heroine.  Titles come a lot later and, these days, by negotiation with the editors.

If you want to identify a book of mine, but neither the title nor the character names gives it to you, you can always email me.  I’ll try to answer.  But never forget that what the reader picks up is not necessarily how the author identifies it in her memory.  I can probably answer ‘the one about the Central American revolution’.  But a friend who said, ‘You know, the one about the girl who looks like a maid’ threw me completely.  She was right, of course.  It’s even on the first page.  It just wasn’t important enough to me for me to remember it.  But it was to her.  Oh, and it’s Dance With Me.

If you want to print the list, there’s a print button on the extreme right in the sharing links at the bottom of the page.

Published Novels and Novellas

Published by Harlequin Mills & Boon

1 **Beware the Huntsman** Susanna Giovanni
2 Goblin Court – now republished, see SWI #1 below Lucy Robert
3 Wife to Charles Becky Charles
4 Unexpected Hazard Perdita Domenico
5 An Undefended City Olivia Luis
6 Tomorrow Starts at Midnight Veronica Oliver
7 The Loving Persuader Marty Max
8 No Man’s Possession Sara Ben
9 Executive Lady Philippa Raoul
10 **A Stranger’s Touch** Cindy Saul
11 Like Enemies Robin Guy
12 Shadow Princess Katya Matthew
13 Yesterday’s Mirror Cressida Rupert
14 **Beyond Ransom** Julia Roberto
15 Challenge Jessica Leandro
16 A Matter of Feeling Barbara Ruy
17 Gypsy in the Night Jo Sebastian
18 No Provocation Candy Justin
19 Habit of Command Sally Paul
20 Dance with Me Alexis Michael
21 Deceptive Passion Diana Miles
22 Triumph of the Dawn Paula Eduardo
23 Ice at Heart Gaby Sven
24 Saving the Devil Miranda Paulo
25 The Wedding Effect Penny Zoltan
26 Avoiding Mr Right Christina Luc
27 The Innocent and the Playboy Rachel Riccardo
28 Catching Katie Katie Haydon
29 The Millionaire Affair Lisa Nikolai
30 The Latin Affair Nicky Esteban
31 The Sheikh’s Bride Leo Amer
32 Midnight Wedding Holly Jack
33 The Millionaire’s Daughter Annis Konstantin
34 The Bridesmaid’s Secret Bella Gil
35 More than a Millionaire Abby Emilio
36 The Englishman’s Bride Kit Philip
37 The Prince’s Proposal Francesca Conrad
38 The Bedroom Assignment Zoe Jay
39 Millionaires Don’t Count Molly George
40 The Independent Bride Pepper Steven
41 The Accidental Mistress Izzy Dom
42 The Duke’s Proposal Jemima Niall
43 In the Arms of the Sheikh Natasha Kazim
44 The Cinderella Factor Jo Patrick

Published by Woman’s Weekly Library

45 Design for Love Octavia Francis

Published by Scarlet

46 **Deception** Ashley Jake

Published by Heartline, writing as Lucy Merritt

47 Red Hot Lover – now republished,
see SWI #2 below
Alex Joe
48 **It Had To Be You** Cleo Rafael

Published by Century Arrow, writing as Sophie Page

49 To Marry a Prince Bella Richard

Published by Tule

50              The Prince’s Bride                                                              Hope                                   Jonas 

Published by Sophie Weston Independent

SWI #1 Goblin Court
(revised and expanded edition)
Lucy Robert
SWI #2 Red Hot Lover
(revised edition)
Alex Joe
 51 **Vertical Sex** Gabby Marek
Titles with asterisks in **bold Green** will be published soon. Details will be available on Sophie’s page of the website


4 thoughts on “Sophie’s book list

  1. Caroline Praed

    I am fascinated to discover that you also remember books by the character names. They are “real people” to me, so I suppose I am adding them, mentally, to my list of friends!
    Thank you, too, for your list of books with their characters.
    Wishing you the happiest of New Years!

  2. Lieselotte

    Dear Sophie Weston,

    I am so glad I found your books – you write the girl and young woman I was / can relate to so well, I am enjoying myself a lot!

    Two questions:
    Do you have a reissuing schedule ?
    I have bought everything you have on kindle, and want more.
    I would rather you got the money than a used book store, so I am asking.
    If it were soon, I would definitely prefer to wait a bit.

    Did you write the Widow and the Burglar?
    It keeps popping up when I look for your books.

    Best wishes into these crazy times!

    1. Sophie Post author

      How extremely kind of you to get in touch, Lieselotte. You’re the sort of reader authors dream about: the one who gets it.

      As for wanting more … come in, come in, and let me give you tea and buns.

      You’re absolutely right, I SHOULD have a reissuing schedule. I was having my ear bent about it by another author, only a few weeks ago. And these crazy times are the perfect opportunity to apply myself to technical wrestling. Will get to it.

      Actually, I am working on preparing It Had To Be You for Kindle, even as I type this. Will now get back to it with renewed vigour. I could email you when it’s up, if you like?

      No I didn’t write The Widow and the Burglar, though it’s an intriguing title and you’re not the first person who’s asked. Must have a look at it.



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