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Here you’ll find links to the premium content that is available only to subscribers to the Libertà newsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber and you want to see the premium content too, just sign up for the newsletter using the box at the top of the sidebar or by clicking this link to our signup page.

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Examples of our subscriber exclusives . . .

Georgette HeyerA FREE Georgette Heyer Walk in London with Sophie took place last summer, and was enjoyed by all. Sophie isn’t a professional guide, but she lives in London and knows a huge amount about it, and about Heyer.

Describing the walk to one subscriber, Sophie says: “Actually some of the really interesting places we see GH didn’t actually use in her books, although they figured in the history that she’d clearly read. The truly fascinating thing, though, is how small fashionable Regency London was. You could pretty much walk anywhere you wanted to go in under half an hour. If you had to, of course.”

Given sufficient demand — a small group, six at most, is best — a date could be arranged for Sophie to do the walk again. It takes about 2 hours, strolling around Mayfair streets, and usually ends at a pub, for lunch 😉
If you’d like to do it, let us know.

And in case you missed it, our last subscriber exclusive was a funny and heart-warming short story, the opening instalment of Sophie’s Wedding Planner series which is still available by clicking the link.

There will be more subscriber-only goodies to come. Look out for our newsletters in your inbox. They’ll tell you what’s on offer and give you the links to the insider info from the Hive.

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