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Janus, god of beginnings, middles, endings


Janus, god of beginnings, middles, endings, looking both ways

If the Libertà hive ever needs a household god, we may well plump for the Roman Janus, god of beginnings and transitions. Janus usually appears with two heads. That means he not only tells you where you are, he can tell you where you’ve been, too.

Janus opens doors to all directions

Janus is also the god of gates, doorways, passages and endings, the sort of god who is useful for showing you, and us, the way.

So here we have a god of beginnings, middles, endings. Readers like all of those, and they’re pretty useful for writers as well. At Libertà, we’ve come to think that Janus is probably our guy.  Continue reading

Fanfare Of Trumpets

Libertà launch with fanfare of trumpetsThe Libertà website is now live!
Hence the fanfare of trumpets that you should see above this post.

Please come in and have a look around. We’d love to hear what you think.

Libertà website reveal SOON

For those hardy friends who have been visiting the blog, and have been frustrated by the lack of access to the website pages…  We promise it won’t be long before the great unveiling. The Libertà website will be revealed soon.

The pages are pretty much finished. Some of the detail is still to be sorted.
Then it will be Fanfare Or Trumpets Day.

And apologies for my last post. I moaned about the lack of winter. Winter has now arrived, in the shape of a storm buffeting much of the UK. That will teach me NOT to moan.

Libertà Day Four

Almost a week into the knotty process of website creation and I’ve launched myself off the top of the ski-jump. I’m flying!

Mind you, the feathers on my wings are looking decidedly tatty and the wind is gusting so much under me that I’m being buffeted all over the place.

And it’s still a VERY long way down.

But at least the snow has stopped and I’m beginning to see my way to the other side of the valley. Sophie and I have been beavering away this week. Lots of page content is out of the egg incubator and in the bag — apologies for all my mixed metaphors — and the pages will be public pretty soon, we hope. Watch this space.

To brighten up this pic-free post, I’m pasting in my fabulous new Joanna Maitland logo which will appear as branding on all my self-published books. It was designed by Jane Dixon Smith and I really love it. Hope you do too.

Joanna Maitland Logo PNG

Libertà Day Two

Day two of the Libertà Books blog and it’s getting scarier by the minute. And yes, my feet are frozen up here on the top of the jump. The wind is howling round me — how will I ever fly straight for half a second? — and I can barely see down to the ground.

It’s still a long way down.


camellia Debbie struggles through the snow

On the other hand, the blog page is looking suitably green and springlike. So maybe we’ll get through the snow after all.

And look: this camellia is coming out to cheer us up.

Chilly up here!


Gasping as we reach the top of the stairs. Why don’t they have lifts at the back of ski-jumps? Are we supposed to be fit, or something?

Guys, it’s an awfully long way down. Scary. But we’ve promised lift-off soon. And, honestly, would anyone in their right mind face all those stairs again?

So its Geronimo time.

In a minute.


Libertà is coming to town

We’re slowly climbing up the stairs at the back of the ski-jump. Soon we’ll be starting down the ski run and getting ready to lift off. It’s going to be snowing all things books. And we’re going to be flying through the air, like birds.

What kind of birds? You choose…

More info in the next post. Watch this space.liberta logo greensponged