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Libertà website reveal SOON

For those hardy friends who have been visiting the blog, and have been frustrated by the lack of access to the website pages…  We promise it won’t be long before the great unveiling. The Libertà website will be revealed soon.

The pages are pretty much finished. Some of the detail is still to be sorted.
Then it will be Fanfare Or Trumpets Day.

And apologies for my last post. I moaned about the lack of winter. Winter has now arrived, in the shape of a storm buffeting much of the UK. That will teach me NOT to moan.

What happened to Winter?

Winter? There’s not much point in going up a ski jump when there’s no snow. And so far, November is looking to be one of the warmest on record.

antidote to winter, glorious beach, north-west Scotland

glorious — deserted — beach, north-west Scotland

Not quite as warm and inviting as this beautiful Scottish beach, perhaps, but warm enough to forget about fires and thermal underwear. Sellers of winter woollies will be tearing their hair out.

Meanwhile, Sophie and I are soldiering on with website preparation, ready for the great unveiling day. Oh, and we’re trying to finish the odd book, while we’re at it.