I’m having a reading week…

Sofa days and reading…

I have just finished a book. Writing it, not reading it. It was Hard Work.

Nothing new there. No matter how sparkling the inspiration, how heady the enthusiasm to embark on this particular story, they are always a strain on the imagination, hard on the back and a slog at the keyboard. The reward is that moment of joyful relief when you’ve despatched it into the ether and it becomes your editor’s job to sort out mangled timelines, momentary slips into scatalogical dialogue and missing commas.

I have a busy writing year planned, but I seem to have spent the entire winter saying, “When I’ve finished the book…’

When I’ve finished the book I’ll get up to the V&A and take a look at the  jewellery department. I’ve been there dozens of times but have somehow missed it and I’ve been inspired to visit by the documentary series Secrets of the Museum. Also on the list is the local Arts Society. I’ve been wanting to join for ages but couldn’t fit in another thing until I’d finished the book.

Reading the TBR pile

And then there are books that had been piling up on the to-be-read pile. It’s a big one. The eyes are not as good as they used to be – cataract op here I come. I struggle to read after a day at the typeface but that doesn’t stop me from buying books. Paperback, hardback, digital.

These are a few of them. Four of these ticked off so far!

7 books on Liz Fielding's TBR pile

I’ve been waiting for the next book in Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series for months. I’m not hugely into fantasy, but I heard someone talking about this series on BBC 4’s A Good Read a year or two ago and it was love at first read. Ghosts, River Goddesses, The Folly – the “weird bollocks” department of the Metropolitan Police – and a young black constable tossed in at the deep end. The latest involves Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage. I love it.

Love a bit of crime with my romance

murder will outKerry Greenwood has been on my radar ever since I read her essay about writing crime. It was a long time ago. So long, in fact, that her Phrynne Fisher books weren’t available in th UK and I had to import them direct from Allen and Unwin in Australia. Her new series about Corinna Chapman, baker and reluctant detective and her gorgeous Daniel, is now a firm favourite.

Lesley Cookman’s Steeple Martin is an autobuy. I have an Elly Griffiths on my phone and there’s a new Ella Hayes with an Italian setting (no crime in this one, just a luscious setting!).

More books for my reading week

I have a RoNA shortlisted book from Ellie Darkins, the inimitable Marian Keyes to entertain me and I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Tracey Halls on launch day of The Foundling – I’ve already read The Familiars – so of course I bought the book.

I am writing a novella before I tackle the next romance but, since we’re all going to be staying at home a lot more for the foreseeable future, I can’t think of a better way to spend my sofa time than with a good book.

When I’m not being led on a back-aching jaunt across the keyboard by a couple of new characters and a ghost with an agenda.



12 thoughts on “I’m having a reading week…

  1. Joanna

    I found Kerry Greenwood thanks to a suggestion from Liz. Currently reading #5. Great stuff for anyone’s reading week. Shall now try Rivers of London, too.

  2. lesley2cats

    I’m flattered, Liz! And thanks for the tip about the new Rivers of London and a new Kerry Greenwood. Jenny told me about the Corinna series years ago, and I love them.

  3. Sarah Mallory

    Well done on finishing your book, Liz, I am now looking forward to seeing it on the shelves! I love your reading list and have now a few extra titles to my TBR pile. It’s teetering.

  4. Sophie

    Such good news that your book is finished, Liz. Something to look forward to in the autumn. Love the idea of sofa days and the TBR pile.

    I never managed to get into The Rivers of London, though all the indicators are right. Indeed, beloved godchildren keep giving me copies of yet another one in the series. MUST try again.

    1. Liz Fielding

      Some books just don’t speak to us, Sophie. No worries – there’s plenty of wonderful stuff out there. I see there’s another Zigzag murder from Elly Griffiths – and I have to thank you for sending me back to those. I think on first reading I was just disappointed it was Ruth Galloway, but on second reading really enjoyed them.

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